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Stocking Steel and Stainless Steel Circlips  available in Metric and Imperial sizes.

* Please note prices on our website are for current stock levels there may be a difference if additional stock is required we will advise on receipt of your order. 


Circlips are metal rings sprung into a slot or groove in a bar to hold something in place. they are made from spring steel, manufacured like a ring with open ends and can be used in fastening. Applied in different types of equipment and machinery, driver shafts, electrical motors,  assemblies and many more. There are two types of circlip; internal and external.


The most commonly used circlip for most applications is a simple spring steel circlip, or plain wire ring. The clips can be known as wrist pin retainers, wrist pin clips, or gudgeon pin clips, when used to retain piston wrist pins or gudgeon pins.


These clips have gained the nickname "Jesus clip" because of the ability of clip's spring action to launch the clip at a high speed when installing or removing, leading to remarks such as, "Oh Jesus, where did it go?"


Fast delivery non-stocked sizes* Prices are for current stock levels if additional stock is required we will advise any price diffenence on receipt of your order 

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