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Cotter Pins

Split Cotter Pins Included in our standard stock range avaiable in most popular sizes either ferrous or non-ferrous material.cotter pins 220x220

Fast turn around on non stocked sizes also avaiable 


Linch Pins

Etaining Pins

E Clips


Grease Nipples

Assorted boxes on request.

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What is a Split Cotter Pin

Specification Split Cotter Pins Metric

* Prices are for current stock levels if additional stock is required we will advise any price diffenence on receipt of your order 

Minimum order amount: 27

+ £

Minimum order amount: 61

+ £

Minimum order amount: 83

+ £

Minimum order amount: 169

0 + £0.000000

Minimum order amount: 64

+ £

Minimum order amount: 48

+ £

Minimum order amount: 37

+ £

Minimum order amount: 35

+ £
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