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To take advantage of additional product discounts a credit checked trading account with Tasman Industries Ltd must be active.

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Please ask a member of staff who will assist in setting you up online.

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A minimun spend of £100 per month is a requirment for a trade account if this is the case please complete our Trade account application form.

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A 3rd party business credit check will be completed for signed application forms only, credit terms will be emailed and a email confirming the online account setup will follow giving you access to our webshop.

If you requiry any further information please get intouch. 01384 634461

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To gain access to ordering online and receiving great savings ask a member of staff who will be pleased to get you up and running Call 01384 634461 or send us your details and we will contact you to confirm your account: You must be a UK trading company a credit check will be completed.